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The Tour de France is underway and I, for one, could not be happier. While some women may watch it for the men in tight pants, I watch primarily for the race’s backdrop. The view from the top reveals spectacular scenery and the hidden gems that riders traverse. I am so enthralled with these places that following the tour is on my bucket list. 

Watching year after year, I have come to understand the sport and the sportsmen. Not only am I looking in from above, but now I get the inside track via social media too. It’s all about visibility and involvement.

I think that if people in your company have visibility of their and the company’s activities and performance, they too will become engaged and involved. SYSPRO’s Application Builder can be used to create operator, role and system-wide views for a more engaging SYSPRO experience.

Using the Application Builder (a nifty feature that allows you to build pretty much any application), you can design the ‘view from the top’.  Anything that you want all operators to see, can be designed for the system-wide view and then you can configure it so that all operators will see it when they log in. Along with websites, you can add standard graphs and list views using customized panes, to show how different areas are performing. These can be further customized to make the display more appealing (without a developer’s help by the way). If you do have in-house developers, your options are limitless.

In addition, the Application Builder can be used to create a role-based view. Any operator linked to that role will see information that is relevant to them. I liken this to following my favorite rider (Peter Sagan) on Twitter.

I have mentioned a small aspect of SYSPRO’s customization capability. Believe me, there is so much more. So if you take the time to learn more about what we offer, the same way I follow le Tour, you will see how SYSPRO is la tete de la course*.

(*From French, literally “head of the race” – the leading cyclist or group of cyclists)

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