Technology (or Enterprise Technology)

How Automation Can Activate Your Digital Transformation Journey

Reading Time: 3 minutes During the pandemic, many industry players were caught off guard by inefficient business systems and manual processes. As workforces are …

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Disruption as Usual: Building Business Resilience in Uncertain Times

Reading Time: 3 minutes We’ve now hit the ground of 2021 running, and to take the analogy further, if businesses are like athletes, they’ve …

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4 Key Elements to Ensure Your Digital Transformation Strategy Implementation Succeeds

Reading Time: 5 minutes Competition among manufacturers is at an all-time high due to the increasing ease of cross-border trading, combined with customers demanding …

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The COOs role in rebooting business

Reading Time: 6 minutes Is Tesla a car manufacturer, an energy company or a technology firm? Elon Musk envisioned Tesla Motors as a technology …

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The Role of CIOs in Technology Decisions for the ‘Next Normal’

Reading Time: 5 minutes There was an era when CIOs had to push hard to get new technology understood and accepted. Now the adoption …

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How Manufacturers can Easily Transition into the Future of Work – Key Considerations

Reading Time: 3 minutes The acceleration of technological adoption has created a new frontier for the world of work. With the rise of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, e-commerce …

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3 Steps Australian Manufacturers can Take to Secure their Industry’s Future Beyond COVID-19

Reading Time: 4 minutes There is no denying that the Coronavirus pandemic is a disaster for global economies, but could it provide a silver …

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Manufacturing the New Normal – Strategies for Asia’s Rebound

Reading Time: 7 minutes Manufacturers and distributors across Asia have needed to remain resilient despite operating in intensely pressured times. The YOY in Q1 …

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A four-step strategy for building procurement resilience in a VUCA world

A 4-step Strategy for Building Procurement Resilience in a VUCA World

Reading Time: 5 minutes Supply chain disruptions are nothing new. From global trade disputes to Brexit, volatile exchange rates, fluctuating commodity prices and civil …

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