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  • 9 Ways Cloud ERP is Changing the World … and Your Business

9 Ways Cloud ERP is Changing the World … and Your Business

  1. Boosted capabilities – Cloud gives small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to compete with larger organizations. SMEs gain the ability to use enterprise applications that they otherwise couldn’t afford, letting them compete more effectively.
  2. Super flexible – Buying an in-house ERP solution means having to predict what functionality will be required in three years from now. With a cloud-based solution, businesses can buy what they need, when they need it, and scale up or down more dynamically.
  3. Reduced disasters – When a major network disruption occurs, businesses using cloud recover faster. In-house disruptions can be expensive and time consuming, but cloud providers give fast and free disaster recovery.
  4. Earth friendly – Cloud computing is greener than traditional IT. It reduces the need for physical infrastructure and scales to provide a more efficient use of energy based on real-time requirements.
  5. Enhanced collaboration – File sharing and workflow in the cloud increases collaboration and communications. The cloud has changed the way employees interact with each other and with clients because data is not locked into physical devices and infrastructure.
  6. Better integrity –  With files moving in and out of the cloud, file version control is crucial. Files are stored centrally allowing only one true version of each file to exist, instead of several different copies circulating amongst users.
  7. No ugly surprises – With cloud, costs and fees are predictable, allowing businesses to budget effectively and avoid unforeseen expenditure.
  8. Free-up resources –  Historically, IT departments would spend large amounts of time updating software and taking care of security patches. Cloud providers do this for you, allowing you to focus on more strategic and profitable things.
  9. Going mobile – The mobile trend continues to grow, with a greater number of people working remotely. Cloud facilitates mobility by giving easy remote access to all files and data, anywhere, anytime. Security is also improved, as data is not physically stored on vulnerable devices.

At SYSPRO, we believe that everything we do must simplify the overall experience and contribute to our customer’s success.  Therefore, in assisting our customers in moving to the cloud, our cloud offering is simple to transition to, simple to configure and maintain, and simple to consume. SYSPRO achieves this by providing seamless integration between the cloud and on-premise systems, all made possible by SYSPRO’s open architecture and single source solution.

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