To Boldly Go in ERP Where Few Men Have Gone Before


I’m a supply chain guy but I started with a narrower focus, in manufacturing, in Glasgow. Glasgow – famous for many manufacturing and engineering innovators including Scottie of The Starship Enterprise fame. You know the guy that always complained “ah canna do it Captain Kirk, the warp drives just won’t take it …”.

You’re in manufacturing too, or you distribute products and understand inventory management. You know they’re all part of an industry ERP supply chain – an end to end system that needs PVC (planning visibility and coordination). Well SYSPRO is part of this as well – we help enable what you do – we are partners in grime.

So thinking as an engineer I have to ask you the question – now your warp drives are more powerful which civilization is your enterprise going to service and work with in the future.

A civilization where the landscape is radically different, people, who could be your customers, have expanded expectations, staff and workforces who want self-satisfying stimulating work methods to achieve tasks while entertaining them. A place where the same old questions need new answers through different channels – and there are questions you never thought of before that also need answering.

Africa has been transforming for years now – whether it is radical, social, economic or a mix of all, the speed of change is accelerating – or it needs to. Imagine you just landed via your transporter beam – thanks again to Scottie – would you look around for enemies or friends? Would you seek out new problems or opportunities? I guess we would all look for the latter as a means of survival and learn how to do this.

Down to earth again but with our space experience. Didn’t you want to be a train driver as a boy (sorry ladies), I did. Now I want us to build locomotives in Africa and I want to be part of enabling that ERP Supply Chain with SYSPRO and its customers.

Take two supply chain processes and let’s see how we can help

Procurement – the preferred one by many, regulated, administrative and some say easy to do:

We can help import products from multiple countries in currencies via logistics routes with complex costing. We can help the overseas OEMs assemble trains or any metal manufacturing parts locally. We can help but it’s not enough to just enable procurement.

Production – that scary but fantastically rewarding place to be and work:

There are many successful metal manufacturing organizations, but our African civilization seems frightened to do the hard stuff with infrastructure projects throughout the continent. The metal is here, the power is here and the people are here – oh and so is the market. But manufacturing indices and investment move backwards. SYSPRO, the solution and the people have a heritage of manufacturing and already we enable the manufacturing processes and supply chains of many customers. We all understand putting things together and getting them to market on cost and on time.

As an ecosystem (SYSPRO, its partners and customers) we can work together to move these manufacturing indices upward to grow manufacturing together to service ourselves and our continent through jobs, education and experience, less importing more local value-adding. We have skills to share, learning together new processes and methods of achieving old processes. And we have the opportunity to execute appropriately and better than many overseas experts.

Whether you are an existing customer of SYSPRO or not, interested in getting manufacturing going in Africa, or just getting it going the right way in your enterprise, join us and talk to us at the SYSPRO Conferences being held in May this year.

We, like you, eat and breathe manufacturing and are ready to work with you to grow this civilization with you – so come meet and chat and let’s keep the Klingons from taking over.

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