ERP Support that Counts – Part 2

In my last blog I mentioned my home make-over and my feelings about it that range from jubilant to wretched, depending on which day you catch me. This process has once again reinforced my belief that solid relationships are paramount to the success of any endeavor.  I learnt that one of the most important considerations when choosing a contractor is their clear understanding of your vision and your required outcome. The ‘personal touch’ should never be underestimated. 

And ERP support works exactly the same way.

Let me use Pittsburgh Plastics to explain why I believe there is a connection.

During a SYSPRO conference in the USA, our Support Services contingent was approached by a staff member from Pittsburgh Plastics, a company that has been developing customized cushioning solutions since 1977.  She explained that she was anxiously looking for assistance to simplify their labor postings in their factory.

The problem they were experiencing was that they had to manually capture the minutes from the start and end times. This tedious process was being performed daily on paper before capturing and it was taking an hour of her processing time just to complete the calculations.

Our support staff spent some time with her familiarizing themselves with the business and its specific requirements and establishing the most suitable course of action.

Then we set about writing a customized pane that allows times to be inputted manually and lets the system take care of the rest of the calculations. This has not only improved productivity at Pittsburgh Plastics but it has also removed the risk of human error creeping into the labor calculations.

The company was so impressed with the result of these consultations that they were convinced to upgrade to SYSPRO 7 and take part in the Release Candidate (RC) program.

To return to my original point, sound support relationships (much like those that exist between the homeowner and their preferred contractors) are based on trust that is earned through a shared vision, a vested interest in speedy and effective resolution and being able to provide the right answers at the right time.

So whether you’re looking for a stylish kitchen revamp or a best-of-breed Enterprise Resource Planning software solution, the formula stays the same: a shared philosophy towards support that focuses on an enhanced customer experience has to be part of the transaction.

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