Mobile Work Styles and ERP


Mind sets and corporate cultures are changing more frequently. Skilled employees are seeking compensation beyond just money, with many choosing freelance over permanent positions, opting for flexibility and autonomy over security.

In today’s business world, employees expect to be able to work at any time and from any location, demanding incredible amounts of freedom…

Have a family event coming up and need to travel on Friday? No problem. Want to take off to Mauritius for a few weeks and work from there? Great – please share photos. It’s the little things too, like being able to avoid a commute and spend more time with family. Traditional working hours are being challenged; with the focus being more on shared vision, results, and sustained productivity.

It’s estimated that almost 90% of organizations worldwide will offer mobile work styles to their employees by 2020, and 40% of the total US workforce will be freelance by that same time. That’s 60 million people! Globally, the trend is not far off. This shift is forcing organizations to re-think their traditional 9-to-5 mentality in order to retain their best talent. Austere head offices are making room for more flexible working arrangements to accommodate the demands from employees.

In a world that’s moving to enterprise mobility and flexible work styles, you want to leverage the opportunity to run more agile teams. Office space can be used more efficiently by offering a mix of private areas and collaborative spaces to support work activities that require concentration or collaboration.

Productivity tools must support flexible working by being easier to access. There are already many amazing solutions available for remote team interaction – from conference call facilitation to document sharing. But what about your ERP? As the backbone of your business, it is equally important to be running an ERP system that is not only flexible, but easily accessible from any device and location.

At SYSPRO we’ve given this much thought which is why we’ve created a modular solution providing flexibility, affordability and scalability for any business. We’ve also allowed for remote access from any location and device, and through our functionality, an interface for any software add-ons.

Without a flexible backbone, the rest of your infrastructure’s dexterity is irrelevant.

The world is changing quickly, but that’s nothing new. Keep asking yourself the important questions e.g. why are we doing what we are doing? and don’t be afraid to use the answer to adapt. Because the only thing that’s constant is change.

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