Overcome the Barriers and Resistance to Change with an Improved UI in ERP

User friendly ERP to prevent resistance to change

When implementing an ERP system, businesses face a variety of challenges. The system brings innumerable business benefits and yet it is often used as a trigger for deep-rooted organizational change. Implementing ERP is fundamentally a people process, and for a system to work effectively, manufacturers must work with their ERP partner to bring everyone within the business on board.

To support this, we recently published a Resistance to Change eBook, to guide customers on how to address concerns.

The task of implementing an ERP system can be simplified with the availability of a user-friendly, accessible platform that engages users on a new level and demonstrates how digitalization can transform our working lives for the better.

At K3 Syspro, we understand that our role goes far beyond that of a technology provider, which means that we spend much of our time working with our customers to put people at the heart of an ERP implementation. When faced with resistance to change, we offer a helping hand in addressing concerns, presenting the benefits and countering misconceptions.

However smart the technology, any ERP implementation, and subsequent solution will not succeed without the buy-in of its users. When informed of the change, it is common for staff to feel daunted and sometimes threatened by what may lie ahead. Even if they understand the benefits a new system may bring to the organization, they often worry about the time and effort required, what it means for their role in the business, if it will change their way of working and if it will be responsive to their demands?


SYPRO has taken on these concerns head-on when designing its new product release (SYSPRO 8). This latest release marks a new era in ERP software development with a shift towards offering not just a transactional tool but a true system of engagement.

The latest release boasts an impressive range of new features to transform manufacturing businesses with the power of digitalization. Yet perhaps more importantly, it is designed to be simple to use and to respond to the needs of today’s individual user.

Modern-day employees expect information to be at their fingertips whenever and wherever they choose. SYSPRO 8’s web-based service is accessible on any platform from any location and is just as effective when working remotely as it is at your desk at work.

SYSPRO’s Always On guarantee transforms the way users perceive and interact with it. Its web-based user interface (Avanti) allows everyone to access, interpret and analyze data regardless of where they are and what they are doing at the time.

Users expect their employer to embrace new technology to improve their working lives. People are far more willing to move away from legacy systems if the alternative helps them work more effectively and collaboratively.

Innovative technologies can greatly enhance the user experience. SYSPRO 8 includes many new features, including IoT connectivity and management, an interactive and intelligent BOT and the use of social media as a collaboration tool through SYSPRO Harmony (Social ERP), have helped the new release move in line with the changing expectations of its users.

Users are also able to customize and personalize their workspace to ensure it meets their individual needs. Actionable insights are just a click away, providing real-time data and metrics allowing them to monitor their performance against KPI’s and manage work lists.

SYSPRO 8 facilitates smoother implementation by prioritizing usability. In the world of ERP, resistance to change is inevitable and many people fear that the more sophisticated a system is, the harder it will be to use. Yet SYSPRO 8 dispels that myth by offering a platform of engagement which is personalized, user-friendly and intuitive.

Customer Service Commitment

The customer service commitment has to go beyond the software itself. Customers need to be supported through their entire ERP journey, from initial discovery discussion, through the implementation lifecycle into business as usual and beyond. Customers require access to online contextual help, how to guides, videos and best practice collateral as well as direct access to a dedicated support team. Escalation processes must ensure that all issues are tackled quickly and effectively.

The adoption of simplified usability and a customer-focused approach by ERP providers allows customers to be empowered to better manage resistance to change within their own organization, enabling them to reach their full potential.

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