Odete Passingham

Odete Passingham

Odete is a past employee of SYSPRO Canada. Over the years Odete worked extensively on the “softer” side of the ERP equation. Prior to joining SYSPRO Canada, Odete was employed by a SYSPRO VAR, and by a SAP and Microsoft VAR. Contrasting the two experiences made her appreciate the value that customers receive from a company committed to a single solution – where SYSPRO boasts one of the highest levels of customer retention in the industry. Odete strongly believes that such longevity is a factor in fostering a sense of community – which ultimately fosters retention.

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Tips for Consultants Going Down-Market: Business Processes Maturity

One of the big differences between Tier 1 and Tier 2 ERP implementations is process maturity. They may be two …

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Tips for ERP Consultants Going Down-Market: Pricing

One of the biggest difficulties that consultants going down-market have is getting the price for their services in the right …

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Manufacturing Technology Trends: Production Proximity

Looking to the future, the variation of customer demand globally will require that manufacturers adopt production proximity – having a …

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Manufacturing Technology Trends: Faster Decision-Making

Continuing with our topic of manufacturing technology trends, fast decision-making will be one characteristic of successful manufacturing operations of the …

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Understanding ERP Requirements for Discrete Manufacturing and Process Manufacturing

One of the ways that manufacturers can be classified is as discrete or process; this describes the type of manufacturing …

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Manufacturing Technology Trends: Production Flexibility

The Internet has made competition global. Consumers now have more choice, and they exercise that choice more often, resulting in …

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Five Requirements for ERP Implementation Success

Like any major project, ERP implementations go best when planned in advance. Larger companies can dedicate multiple senior executives as …

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Tips for Consultants Going Down-Market: Details vs. Focus

One thing that we are seeing a lot here in Canada is ERP consultants moving down-market and participating in smaller …

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Scope of ERP change

The Scope of Change in ERP Projects: People, Technology, Business Processes

ERP projects can potentially touch every part of the business, and even the ones that are limited in scope have …

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