SYSPRO Quantum Architecture –Business Management of Material, Costs and Cash –Part 2

On my previous post, I blogged about how Einstein’s Theory of Relativity inspired the SYSPRO USA go-to-market campaign ‘S=MC²’; where S = SYSPRO ERP, M = Material and C² refers to Cost and Cash. This is about using amazing technology to get back to basics. Managing your assets and material, managing costs through efficiencies and visibility and managing the most important business resource there is – your funding and cash.

Einstein also inspired us when we named SYSPRO’s latest Quantum Architecture offering. In the Theory of Quantum Mechanics, Einstein attempts to explain the behavior of matter and its interactions with energy. SYSPRO’s Quantum Architecture attempts to resolve the behavior of your business and how your business interacts with technology and organization energy – the people and processes in your business.

SYSPRO Quantum Architecture aligns business strategy with business activities, the technology you use in your business and the internal and external people and processes in your business.

SYSPRO Quantum Architecture incorporates four revolutionary innovations:

  1. Data Collaboration Modeling and a multi-source, Single Repository Architectural Map: A single source of truth to define, innovate and manage your business processes. This is a visual multi- level representation of all your business processes as they interact with SYSPRO ERP and any outside processes and technology. What is amazing is that as you change your choices within the business process mapping, the setup options in the SYSPRO ERP product are automatically changed. The system outputs a formatted MS Word file that is a living documented truth of the system at any time. The result is that all your processes are defined and managed for perpetuity. As processes change, the SYSPRO ERP product falls in line with the documented changes creating this live ‘Single Source of Truth’.
  2. Pre-Configured System and Process Models:
    Best practice business processes, as they relate and align with the SYSPRO product, are available out-of-the-box. Therefore, all data structures are modeled, all SYSPRO set-up options are presented, and all menus, submenus, screens and panes relate 1-to-1 to SYSPRO. The Process Models are multi-level from the top level right down to the granular detail of SYSPRO as required.
  3. Embedded Role based EPM, Metrics, Reporting and Measurement:
    The SYSPRO Fluid Interface Design and Role-Based Interface link into the data collaboration modeling to ensure that KPI’s, metrics and reporting required for measurement are addressed. Menus, processes and functions are defined by Role, not only delivering a system uniquely designed for the individual roles, but also fully documented. Security is comprehensively and completely addressed. SYSPRO provides security by role or user right down to the field level.
  4. Modeling of application integration:
    During the modeling process, areas of integration to third party or custom-developed applications are identified and defined with full visibility into the available business objects.

Finally, there is a system that brings together the strategy of an organization and choreographs the leadership, processes, people and resources to ensure that material, cost and cash are managed to ensure efficiencies and maximize profitability.

‘Quantum Architecting,’ as SYSPRO calls it, addresses every aspect of Enterprise technology and architecture, including decisions around mobile and cloud deployment, ensuring a 360-degree approach to managing all the critical business components. SYSPRO Quantum Architecture aligns strategy with business activities, the SYSPRO ERP system and people (internal and external) in a perfectly choreographed dance. Your result? Improved efficiency, stimulated profitability and the effective management of material, costs and cash.

Whether you are a SYSPRO customer or not, have you tried a Quantum Architecture implementation approach in your approach?

Keep an eye on SYSPRO, a company that continues to innovate and ‘Simplify your Success.’

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