ERP and Financial Management

What ERP can do for you?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Would your organization benefit from reducing waste, lowering stock holding, improving efficiency and streamlining internal and external communication channels?

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ERP:The crystal ball of global companies?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The surprise defeat of the Springboks by Japan in their opening Rugby World Cup match has got me thinking about …

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Visibility is key to business sustainability

Reading Time: 3 minutes When asked to think about sustainable energy within a business environment, I’m sure that integrated databases, Business Intelligence dashboards, web …

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Going up… Ensuring the Direction of your Business

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sometimes awkward elevator silence can be filled with meaningful dialogue. The other day I was making my way up to …

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ERP Procurement can make Companies more Profitable

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is your Procurement Department living in the 21st century?  Gone are the days of procurement existing simply as a purchasing …

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Working while sleeping

Reading Time: 3 minutes As someone with a daughter who rides horses I have often been asked – “how can you own something that …

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