Going up… Ensuring the Direction of your Business

Sometimes awkward elevator silence can be filled with meaningful dialogue.

The other day I was making my way up to a meeting when the gentleman sharing the elevator asked me what I do. Never one to miss an opportunity, I replied: “I’m with SYSPRO – we simplify your success and deliver your brand.”

Who can resist such intrigue?

An invitation to his office on the top floor allowed me to expand on my statement and enjoy the breath-taking view.

At SYSPRO, we work with our partners to find effective answers to pretty profound questions. Our belief is that these questions give us access to the comprehensive information that helps us understand a business, its objectives and its challenges.

As I watched a bird glide effortlessly across the cloudless sky, I explained how our aim is to help world-class companies, large and small, increase their value. By earning the trust of our customers, we allow them to feel comfortable enough to bring outsiders in to the heart of the business to examine every single element, from strategy to culture. In this way, Team SYSPRO is able to draw on over 35 years of experience to make human behavior in the organization more effective, create brand alignment and offer visual management of data.

I had him hooked. He buzzed his assistant for coffee and demanded more information. It was then that I began to detail our world-class SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning product.

Our proven, unique approach, through SYSPRO Process Modeling (SPM), provides complete control over the planning and management of all aspects of the business. Strategic information, detailed reports and absolute ownership of data equate to competitive advantage and sustained success.

So coming back to those profound questions, my very interested audience-of-one wanted to know what questions could possibly deliver such business boosting results?

I explained that, from initial contact, SYSPRO uses 5 high level questions populated with a slew of sub questions to expose the soul of a business. This reveals how we can play a fundamental role in the creation of value and the mapping of an illustrious future for our customers. Here’s a glimpse of these categories:

What is the nature of the business?

What is the vision and mission of the business?

What is the maturity of the organization?

What is the organization’s approach to change management?

What is the level of corporate readiness and governance?

I could see that he had some questions of his own at that point but a glance at my watch had me scurrying to my appointment 3 floors down. I left him with a parting message that sums up how I feel about what we do: SYSPRO is the silent success behind the delivery of our customer’s brand.

He walked me to the elevator and assured me that we’d have a lot more time to talk in the future.

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