ERP and Analytics


How Tools in Your ERP Can Surface the Right Data

Reading Time: 3 minutes We live in a time of exponentially increasing distractions. We are constantly bombarded by information whether it be social, news …

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AI, Machine Learning and your ERP System

Reading Time: 2 minutes The idea of inanimate objects as intelligent beings has been around for centuries. The ancient Greeks had myths about robots, …

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Machine Learning

Reading Time: 4 minutes For most of my career, I have been engaged in making decisions, or helping others make decisions. Way back in …

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Keeping your ERP Resolutions

Reading Time: 4 minutes We all start the year with good intentions of what we will and won’t do, but by mid-January most of …

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How Data Visualization Adds Value to Your Business

Reading Time: 3 minutes Opinions vary around the usefulness of data visualization in making informed and strategic business decisions. If the data visualization adds …

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AI Victory Set to Transform ERP

Reading Time: 2 minutes The recent historic victory of Googles AlphaGo (AI) artificial intelligence program over the world’s human Go champion will also change …

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Internet of Things touted at Innovations Dinner

Reading Time: 2 minutes We recently attended the IT News Africa Innovation Dinner in Sandton, sponsored by Business Connexion and Telkom, which underlined the …

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Predictive Analytics Uses the Past to Predict the Future for ERP

Reading Time: 3 minutes Gartner analyst, Neil Chandler, recently discussed the Disruptive Nature of Analytics at the 2015 Gartner Symposium in Cape Town. The …

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Gartner’s Findings Pave the Way for Customer Focused ERP

Reading Time: 2 minutes I recently attended the Gartner Symposium IT Expo 2015 in Cape Town and enjoyed absorbing all the latest IT and …

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