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Experts in every field know the value of trade magazines and industry publications. At the personal level, they can serve as the cornerstone of post-graduate professional development, honing expertise and keeping that expertise on the cutting edge. For organizations, they provide a conduit into the collective knowledge of an industry, supplying insight into broader trends, while at the same time offering specific examples of how other companies are improving and re-defining their competitive edge.

SYSPRO has its own industry magazine – Global Talk. Global Talk is a quarterly publication that keeps subscribers up-to-date on many important aspects of their ERP investment. SYSPRO wants its customers to make the best possible use of its products, and Global Talk is an important facet of the heavy investment we make into training and educating our users.

Industry Trends

One of the most important knowledge sets for any company is a thorough understanding of where it fits in the global landscape. Global Talk provides in-depth analysis of emerging technologies, paradigms and social conditions that affect – or will affect – your industry. Every issue starts off with “Technology Insight”, written by our founder and CEO Phil Duff. Backed by decades of first-hand experience running SYSPRO, Phil’s foreword is a must-read. It offers readers a broad and fascinating glimpse into the ongoing evolution of ERP, technology, industry and the marketplace.

Sharing Knowledge

To help you learn from experience, Global Talk includes stories told by some of our most loyal customers. SYSPRO is user-driven software – we pride ourselves on our ability to listen, learn, predict and adapt. Global Talk’s case studies provide specific examples of how companies are able to overcome challenges through the use of our award-winning ERP software. Sometimes these challenges are solved “out-of-the-box”. Other times, collaboration and ingenuity inspire next-generation solutions that optimize existing processes, create new functionalities, and improve the bottom line.

Implementation Tactics

Finding success with your company’s ERP implementation requires clear and innovative thinking. Learning some of the tactics used by our customers can help you tailor your implementation to avoid problems and maximize efficiencies. Ideally, an ERP implementation occurs in two equally-important dimensions that unfold in the same space and time. On one axis your technology team installs the software and configures it to match your business processes. On the other axis, your change management team ensures that your ERP will be used – and used properly, by providing employees with motivation and training. Global Talk case studies provide strategies for a conscientious implementation that will lead to optimal technology use and a high level of employee acceptance. The publication also demonstrates ways to use SYSPRO’s specialist modules so that all levels of management will have easy insight into the value of your new ERP system.

Stay Informed

We believe it is good business practice to keep our customers up-to-date on our operations. That’s why Global Talk often includes the latest news on SYSPRO – our corporate developments, tactics and strategies. That way you can see where we’ve been and where we’re headed. As a private company, we’re allowed a degree of transparency that many public companies do not enjoy. We want to keep you informed of what’s going on with us, so you know where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

Stay Powerful

Knowledge is power, and staying abreast of the competition is essential. We hope that you’ll subscribe to Global Talk. It’s just one of the ways that SYSPRO tries to simplify and enhance your success.

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