Three Common ERP Myths De-Bunked – Myth #2: ERP is one-size-fits-all

In my first blog on de-bunking common ERP myths, I discussed the myth that “ERP is too hard to learn”. In this next blog I discuss how (despite marketing attempts to the contrary) when it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning, one size DOES NOT fit all.

Myth #2 – ERP is one-size-fits-all

The other night, I had a hard time falling asleep and found myself flipping through infomercials at 2:30AM. I was blown away by how many advertisements aired for “one-size-fits-all” products that clearly don’t work for everyone – pants, shirts, shoes, slippers, cosmetics, etc. Every human has a unique size, shape, skin pigmentation, etc. – how could these products possibly work on every single body type? Obviously, these products were falsely advertised.

The same goes for ERP systems. What may work for a large, multi-billion dollar business might not be an ideal fit for a smaller organization. It’s important to have a vendor who knows your business’ unique needs, and provides a tailored solution to fit those needs. For instance, our Quantum Architecture Implementation Framework enables the system to understand our customers’ business environments by concentrating on four different dimensions of an organization:

  • business sector and maturity
  • process
  • information
  • technology

By evaluating these areas, we set a framework that best matches the business needs, and architects a solution that encompasses both current and future needs.

SYSPRO Customer Prudential Lighting is a prime example of an organization that learned first-hand that “one size fits all” is indeed a myth after they switched from a Tier 1 system to SYSPRO a few years ago. “The first system that Prudential chose was not an ideal fit. It was obvious that Prudential was a small fish in a very large Tier 1 vendor’s pond.

“In order to make the system work, we ended up putting a lot of money into consulting and customization fees. What resulted was something of a Humpty Dumpty system that, if we were lucky, managed an entire week without collapsing and requiring assistance from more consultants to put back together. When we switched to SYSPRO, we were treated with respect as the team took the time to not only understand how we did our business, but also why we did it in the manner that we do. They listened to every issue we had with our current system, they proposed how things could work in SYSPRO, and they outlined a path to success,” remembers Jamie Ditterline of Prudential Lighting.

No matter what the subject may be, hype and myth are inevitable in life; it’s important to do your research and collect accurate information. The myth in ERP that one-size-fits-all is something the SYSPRO implementation team has heard many times. If there are any other stories you’ve heard and want to “de-bunk,” be sure to contact us. We’ll help set the record straight and put you on the path to ERP success.

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