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Imagine what it would mean for your business to have real-time actionable insights into key performance information, and the tools for your people to quickly, easily and proactively address them?

Driving performance management across an organization can prove extremely challenging, but this needn’t be the case. Historically, the Balance Scorecard has been a popular tool used by many companies seeking this kind of improvement. This system of measurement connects the dots between big picture strategy (mission, vision, core values, strategic focus) and more operational elements (objectives, measures, targets and initiatives).

The scorecard is not without its merits and most certainly proves valuable; however it falls short when it comes to providing easily actionable insights for growth and performance. One of the most common failings of a poorly executed strategy is not giving your team the necessary authority or tools to accomplish their jobs.

Generating reports is another popular approach. While they may add value in evaluating areas of improvement, too often they only offer retrospective insights and lack the means to convert key performance indicators (KPIs) into immediately actionable insights.

The solution is to align business systems with critical business drivers and to provide the vehicle to drive strategy throughout the company. This means the ability to quickly and easily access only the information you need, when you need it, providing relevant business insights to support your daily decision-making processes.

Manufacturers and distributors look to ERP to achieve exactly this, specifically reducing cycle times, lead times and costs, to increase customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage. They understand the need to streamline operations, quickly bring new products to the market, and easily ramp up production, while cutting costs.

As agility plays an increasingly important role in enterprise success, effective ERP means being able to quickly identify capacity constraints, and adjust stock holdings across multiple sites and warehouses. Costly line stoppages in assembly plants can also be prevented by synchronising supply with customers’ demands.

With Actionable Insights the benefits are compounded:

For Operations Managers

Business Insights, a capability within SYSPRO ERP, offers greater control providing an immediate and complete view of each individual and each department across the entire operation. This allows for easily defined goals, targets and deadlines at an individual, role or organizational level, driving business behaviour which converts KPIs into meaningful improvement.

For the Individual User

Relevant information and real-time data trends are surfaced directly to users, creating comprehensive work-to-lists, and the ability take immediate action.  By allowing individuals to manage their own work lists and measure and achieve their own KPIs, Business Insights transforms their work tasks into a seamless business process that effectively impacts on overall productivity and business performance.

For Collaboration

By incorporating a social media type interface into the core of your ERP, seamless connectivity and collaboration is facilitated in ways with which the modern workforce is comfortable and familiar.

The value to your organization is clear: with relevant and real-time data trends and insights, users are enabled to meet their goals, targets and deadlines with improved collaboration and the means to act quickly and proactively – helping increase responsiveness, lead times and overall productivity.


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