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My daughter is currently completing her final year of high school. As a parent, I am extremely grateful for the way in which technology is being used to provide instant access to information concerning my child’s progress.

Take Moodle, for example. Moodle is a free and open-source Learning Management System that offers customizable management features to extend and tailor the learning environment. Basically, it is a nifty way for me to access detailed updates on her academic performance from my mobile device. And the best part of it? It is user-friendly, highly configurable and feature-rich – all the things that have come to be expected in the 21st Century.

This convenience at my fingertips has got me thinking about a subject that is very close to my heart: user experience. The strong worldwide push towards creating a simplified, engaging experience for the user has had a profound influence on design and consumer expectation across almost every industry.

Providing Customised Workspaces

This trend was foremost in our minds as we designed and developed our latest release at SYSPRO. Our user experience improvements focused on providing a more personal software encounter by allowing for customised workspaces that are intuitive, easy-to-use and meet individual role needs. Through surfacing relevant information as and when it is required, users are empowered to perform their role efficiently and effectively and to take action as needed.

In the past, when workers were given the opportunity to work with increasing mobility, something had to give. And generally, when it came to ERP systems, this meant restricting the movement of staff or compromising their ERP functionality and toolsets.

Choice and Flexibility

This is no longer the case. The ability of choice, without sacrifice, has become a reality. You can now choose how to engage with your system, be it at your desk or through a mobile application. Depending on your role within an organisation, or your operational need or locality, you can choose to use a rich desktop UI with all the familiar aspects it delivers, or an App on a mobile device or a web based HTML5 interface which has improved ease-of-use and simplified engagement.

These days, an innovative ERP system is one that is conducive to a more productive and satisfying working environment. It is intuitive, self-explanatory, easy-to-use and fosters collaboration while empowering users in their daily operations.

With all these engaging user experiences and the prospect of a digitized world, the teenagers of today will approach the work space with enthusiasm and a familiarity they have become accustomed to in their personal space.


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