Mobile ERP Keeps Execs in the Loop

A software development business, much like any other service related organization, cannot afford to lose sight of what the customer actually needs.

Now hang on before you accuse me of stating the obvious. Take a moment to think about a device, service or application that has frustrated the shoes right off your feet recently. I’m guessing that almost every person reading this blog will be able to name at least one such occurrence. There are so many examples of a great idea that ends up with very limited, if not absolutely zero practical relevance.

Let’s take a busy executive and consider their daily trials and tribulations and a solution that has been developed to offer just the opposite of this: a clever idea with a whole host of useful features.

Information is a vital part of an exec’s day. And yet a large number of executives still rely on subordinates and super users to collect data for strategic decision-making. This often results in delayed decisions and can provide a distorted picture that can have costly and potentially harmful consequences for a business.

The perception that execs don’t have the time to ‘figure out’ the nuts and bolts of their complex ERP system tends to close the door on the possibility of accessing data without assistance or lag.

Today, business is moving so fast that the ramifications of delayed decision-making can be catastrophic. Whether execs want it or not, immediate and direct access to ERP data can be a game-changer. Increasingly, organizations are cottoning on to the fact that most data from which they are likely to derive business intelligence resides in ERP.

And this is where the genius development of mobile ERP changes into its superhero costume in the nearest phone booth (do those still exist I wonder?) and swoops in to save the day.

With a mobile ERP solution business execs now have easy access to their ERP business data, enabling them to keep an eye on their business anywhere, at any time and from almost any device. Users can switch between devices which enables cost savings and allows the exec to use a variety of mobile devices that they are familiar and comfortable with.

The growing need for regular, extensive access to ERP has encouraged software developers to provide solutions that offer complete visibility without being constrained by location or business hours.

In a nutshell, mobile ERP has some very tangible advantages:

  • Faster, better informed decisions because data and information is always easily accessible wherever and whenever
  • Easy to use and understand – search and retrieve up-to-date, real-time business information with the functionality to drill down for more detailed information
  • With simple, intuitive charts you are able to choose the way you want your information presented
  • Device and platform independence eliminates the inconvenience of unfamiliar operation.

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