ERP Empowers our Manufacturers – The Movers and Makers of the World


The most exciting part of my job is spending my days in the midst of UK manufacturing.

Every time I meet a new customer I get excited about how these businesses are driving our economy and putting innovation at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution. In the current political climate, it’s easy to lose sight of the potency of our industrial powerhouse.

SYSPRO’s new Movers and Makers campaign aims to remind everyone that our manufacturers, engineers, and logistics companies are the beating heart of the UK economy and how SYSPRO ERP helps them compete with the best in the world.

British manufacturing is thriving

We are seeing record levels of R&D and businesses continue putting innovation at the heart of their operations. Our suite of ERP solutions enables Movers and Makers to drive efficiencies, boost productivity and exploit emerging technologies. Our systems future proof their operations and strengthen their offer through digital resilience.

Digital Flexibility

Our manufacturers, engineering companies and logistics businesses have to flex with the market and that demands digital agility. With the use of centralized systems, they have critical data available at the touch of a button. Be it automotive supply chains, plastics manufacturers, or distributors, we’re providing the digital infrastructure to help them explore better ways of working.

Environmental Awareness

Our Movers and Makers are also busy doing their bit to make the world a better place. Part of that involves reducing their carbon footprint. From limiting packaging waste to developing electric vehicles, cutting energy consumption to using more sustainably‐sourced raw materials, these businesses are continually innovating to break new ground.

A growing number of our clients now recognize that to exploit the opportunities ahead of them, they must address the skills gap by tapping into a wider talent pool.

Versatility and Durability

At K3 Syspro we pride ourselves in understanding our customers’ drivers and pain points.

The UK’s Movers and Makers are involved in some very exciting work and we have decades of experience in using ERP to make their operations more versatile and robust.

Our annual Customer Day offers the chance to engage with businesses and discuss how the latest innovations in ERP can help take them to the next level. It attracts customers from right across the UK and is supported by our partners at SYSPRO.

The 2018 event attracted more than 100 clients to hear industry experts discuss how ERP can help businesses prepare for digitalization and Industry 4.0. It allowed us to update everyone on our latest developments and demonstrate how alongside our partners, we can provide manufacturers with the powers they need to compete on the global stage.

This year’s Customer Day will be held at Jaguar Visitor Centre in West Bromwich on 7th November.

A speaker from Make UK will discuss key industry issues, whilst businesses will have the opportunity to network and share best practices around how digitalization can power our Movers and Makers.

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