Choreograph your ERP tools and Dance on the Boardroom Table

Choreograph your ERP tools

Every year, ballet companies all over the world revive The Nutcracker; the classical fairy tale set to the music of Tchaikovsky, drawing young and old to theatres and dazzling them for hours with its beauty, grace and captivating story line. Here the choreographer weaves together some of the most beautiful dances ever conceived to produce endless sequences of sheer ballet fantasy.

The brilliance of the choreography is what brings it all together on stage. It directs the dancers and links each step to the story line as the performance unfolds. The choreographer has to design every motion; every step within the limits placed on him in terms of time, floor space, music, props, costumes, make-up and aesthetics, to present the audience with a seamless and seemingly effortless production. This is also the power of Business Process Modeling in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that SYSPRO offers.

The Business Process Model (SYSPRO Process Modeling – SPM in the case of SYSPRO) similarly becomes the manager’s choreographer in planning and conducting these resources and processes to provide perfect performances. There is no margin for error; no room for mediocrity; it seeks perfection in everything it does … every time. And to do this effectively, it must know and control all the business processes that need consideration in order to truly optimize the full capabilities of the ERP solution.

The model aligns information technology (IT) with company strategy, business objectives and processes, while providing a transparent view of your uniquely modeled processes and functions. Through this it gives management the organizational agility and flexibility required to win in the turbulent and volatile world we live in. And it does all of this with simplicity.

Without the choreography there is no magic. With choreography you can plan, direct and manage your processes, enabling you to launch your products and services into your market – continuously and effortlessly. The choreographer, your Process Model, is your one source of truth, the score sheet from which to manage the company perfectly.

As the choreographer directs the dancer, BPM considers and influences your strategy. It ignites your brand and empowers your people with simplified, yet profound processes to direct every activity on the stage floor of your business, feeding your LEAN manufacturing philosophy in every activity.

Ultimately BPM will give you a perfectly choreographed business performance every time, allowing you to optimize the business capabilities of your ERP product. The boardrooms of the future may well one day reverberate with shouts of “Bravo!” and thunderous applause as directors give standing ovations at the conclusion of another master performance.

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