Marilize Wessels

Marilize Wessels

Marilize is an experienced ERP implementation and support consultant with a demonstrated ability of working in the management consulting industry. As a qualified chartered accountant, she has deep roots in financial management and her focus has always been on the improvement of financial systems. In her current role at SYSPRO as the Product Management Business Analyst, Marilize is responsible for understanding customer needs and relaying that information back to the business to improve financial capabilities. To do this, Marilize stays on top of global regulatory and financial market trends.

Posts by Marilize Wessels

Supply Chain Management and ERPERP and Digitization

How self-service can improve your supply chain

Reading Time: 4 minutes One moment, please… Your call is important to us… One of our friendly consultants will be with you shortly. Annoyed …

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ERP EducationERP and Technology

Introducing more women to STEM to diversify the technology pool

Reading Time: 5 minutes Barbie had a spacesuit before Neil Armstrong took his “giant leap for mankind“ on the moon. Six decades later, the …

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Applying and Operating ERPERP and Data

A cybersecurity story for today’s CFO

Reading Time: 6 minutes Walls and watchwords protected medieval castles against plundering masses.  But firewalls and passwords cannot withstand cyber-attacks indefinitely. Ultimately, the safety …

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ERP for FinanceERP and Digitization

Accountants at the Helm When Robots Invade

Reading Time: 6 minutes Could green ink flowing through human veins overcome a robot invasion?  Not in a black-and-white arena. But our world is …

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