Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson

As the Customer Relationship Executive at SYSPRO, Louise advocates the importance of proactive customer engagements and sustainable long-term customer connections. She is passionate about helping customers realize maximum business value from their SYSPRO investment through the adoption of technology.Within this role, she implements strategies to maintain customers, while ensuring a personalized experience with the brand. Louise also takes a hands-on approach to customer queries, where she aims to instill customer trust and loyalty. In support of our customer-first approach, part of Louise’s role is to continually improve and add value to our customer experience journey by understanding and enhancing each customer touchpoint.

Posts by Louise Thompson


ERP embracing consumerization of technology

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of my favourite films from the past is Minority Report, mainly because of the technology shown in these films, …

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Managing Social Media

Managing the Richter Scale of Social Media

Reading Time: 3 minutes My daughter is studying earthquakes in social science at the moment. While I was helping her to study for a …

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erp data security

Security beyond the safety of ERP

Reading Time: 4 minutes In a recent conversation we were discussing how secure our ERP system was, considering all the wonderful levels we had …

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The Problem Solving Mindset

Reading Time: 4 minutes The power failures caused by Hurricane Sandy in the USA made me think about all the things that can go …

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The journey to success requires teamwork!

Reading Time: 3 minutes While performing the recent seven day challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, there was time during the daily six – eight …

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onward and upward

Tenaciously we tread – onward and upward!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Why does someone climb a mountain? Why am I climbing Kilimanjaro? These are questions we have all asked ourselves and …

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Delivering specialized solutions for any business need

Reading Time: 3 minutes “I know your requirements Mr Customer – I specialize in your industry” Imagine walking into an Architect’s office; he asks …

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Maximizing your ERP Investment

Maximizing your ERP Investment to Improve the Management of Market Volatility and Change

Reading Time: 4 minutes The frequency and the intensity of change in the business world, strikes me as similar to how we experience change …

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Keeping up with the customers

Reading Time: 3 minutes I found it interesting to note how two recent and completely unrelated events, both emphasized the growing impact of mobile …

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