Dream a Little Dream of ERP

Everything needs love – even your ERP. After all, it’s among your most important IT assets. And no – I’m not being facetious. In some respects, your ERP is no different from a child. It needs to change, it needs to grow, and it needs to be looked after.

This is a separate topic from good ERP data housekeeping – a subject I’ve covered in a previous blog. Good data housekeeping is essential, and needs to be performed on a regular basis. What I’m talking about today is less rigorous. It’s about unleashing your imagination, and, perhaps, enhancing your use of SYSPRO and increasing its ROI.

Grab a coffee, and allow yourself a moment to dream. To start with, are there ways in which SYSPRO could be extended across more of your enterprise? A very hot topic this year is SYSPRO Espresso – our increasingly popular mobile solution. If you haven’t already, take some time to read about Espresso’s practical applications, then consider the potential benefits if select departments, or even just individual processes, were given the opportunity to apply mobile technology to their workflow. Take an imaginary walk through the corridors: reception, sales, service and support, picking, packing and shipping, operations, administration, finance…the list goes on. All over the world, innovative customers are using SYSPRO Espresso to create game-changing efficiencies across entire organisations.

Executive dashboards are another cost-effective way to extend SYSPRO – this time into the C-suite. Pre-defined, customisable dashboards offer busy execs real-time access to data, with intuitive and appealing visual representations. They also provide measurement, monitoring and ‘what-if’ analysis tools. Think of the power of a bird’s-eye view – that’s what a dashboard provides.

Since we’re having a good think, let’s consider your legacy and 3rd-party business solutions. Are they continuing to provide real value, or are you missing out on the chance for some real efficiencies? Maybe your company isn’t ready to integrate those functions into its ERP, but you can certainly let yourself dream. Could rolling them into SYSPRO simplify IT administration? Improve your business intelligence? Shorten your period- and year-end closing processes? The power of a fully-integrated ERP can provide awesome competitive advantages.

At least half of the customers I talk to have a barely legible list, tucked into their back pockets, of SYSPRO modules they occasionally think about adding. Many companies choose ‘just the basics’ for their initial implementation, then add new modules as need or opportunity arises. Which of SYSPRO’s optional modules would most enhance your business processes? Container tracking? Lot traceability? Customer Relations Management? If you could implement just one module this year, what would give you the biggest bang for your buck?

Now I hate to admit it, but not everything’s about software. What about hardware upgrades, or server virtualization? If you’re considering new applications, you should always assess your hardware capabilities. Upgrades may necessitate additional CPU capacity, memory and storage, which can increase your existing power and cooling requirements. While you’re at it, you might want to consider server virtualization. Server virtualization and consolidation can reduce the number of spinning disks in your server room. This can initiate savings on space, cooling, power, and IT management. It can also lower your carbon footprint and facilitate disaster recovery.

I could go on for days, but it’s not up to me to become your imagination. What I hope that you’ll do is put your feet up on your desk for a moment and dream. If anyone asks what you’re doing, tell them you’re waging a one-person war on Application Erosion, or that you’re spending some time on Continuous Improvement. Remind them that a little love and attention today can reap a multitude of benefits tomorrow.


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