Benefits of Partnering with SYSPRO

PartnerUP is designed with winning in mind, providing you with all the resources you need to succeed through: Education, Proven Methodologies, Tools and Partner Management.

Benefits of the Program

If you’re an expert in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software industry and want opportunities to grow your business and extend that knowledge and experience to more clients, consider joining the SYSPRO PartnerUP Program.

We’re looking for Partners who share our passion for helping manufacturers and distributors simplify their complex operations through modern ERP software. And, who care about helping their customers realize significant – and lasting – gains in efficiency and revenue.

Unlike other programs, SYSPRO PartnerUP recognizes and rewards you – not only for sales success, but also for enhancing your knowledge and capabilities – thus helping you grow. PartnerUP and get rewarded.

Tiered Earnings

Tiered earnings model that increases rewards based on achievement

Sales Enablement

Sales education, tools and assets to enable and empower you

Joint Marketing

Access to assets and collateral to support your sales and marketing initiatives


Access to SYSPRO’s Learning Channel (SLC) to complete your training and certification when, and where you want to

Enable Implementation

Access to tools, education and methodologies to ensure successful implementations

Enabling Support

Access to our Professional Services Teams, that work with you to deliver the right solutions to your customers

Dedicated Partner Management

A dedicated account manager to enable and support you

Recognition and Promotion

We recognise and promote our key partners on our platforms

SYSPRO Software

Access to use certain Licensed Products for your own business

Benefits of becoming a SYSPRO Partner

The PartnerUP Program will provide you with the below benefits depending on the tier level and grading you achieve.

The below table scrolls horizontally.

DescriptionSales PartnerImplementation PartnerSpecialized Solutions Partner
Tiered EarningsXXXXX
Sale Enablement1XXX
Joint MarketingXX
Enabling Implementation2XXX
Enabling Support3XXX
Dedicated Partner ManagementXXX
Recognition and PromotionXXXXX


1: SYSPRO provides sales education, tools and assets to enable and empower you.
2: Access to tools, education and methodologies to ensure successful implementations.
3: Access to online support as well as the ability to log support calls.
4: Use of certain Licensed Products for your business, subject to the prevailing Software License Agreement.

Requirements for becoming a SYSPRO Partner

Specialized Solutions Partner
Register Online
and Sign Agreement
Sales Target Plan*XXX
Dedicated Support
Marketing Plan and
Roles and Resources Required
Sales PersonCDD
Sales ManagerCC
Pre-Sales PersonCCC
Solution ArchitectC
Project ManagerC
ERP Implementation
Support ConsultantCDD
Marketing FunctionD***D***


D: Dedicated – refers to a role that will only be performed by one person and this person cannot perform any other role within the PartnerUP Program.
C: Certified refers to certification that must be obtained on the SLC for a specific role. A single person can obtain multiple certifications provided that they do not have a dedicated role.
*: A Standard Target Range is determined by SYSPRO for Registered Sales Partners. Premium Sales and Specialized Partners will go through a planned process to determine Target Ranges.
**: Dedicated Support Desk refers to a dedicated telephone number and e-mail address to provide licensed customers with support.
***: Dedicated Employee or Outsourced Function, with an annually approved SYSPRO marketing plan and budget.

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