Tiffany Gierke

Tiffany Gierke

Tiffany Gierke is the Education Executive at SYSPRO and has been at the company since 2005. Together with her team, she produces education material in the form of training guides, feature demonstrations and interactive e-Learning modules. Being responsible for getting the latest product information out to the territory offices means that she is constantly learning about the latest and greatest SYSPRO has to offer.

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4 Global eLearning Trends for 2018

Reading Time: 2 minutes I remember the days when having the latest fashion was high on my personal agenda, but at the wise old …

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Group of people raising hands

Four Steps to Building a Learning Culture

Reading Time: 3 minutes Johannesburg is a wonderfully culturally diverse city. A married couple, who are close friends of mine, come from different cultures …

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ERP and a Sustainable Future

Reading Time: 2 minutes Apple Bottoms, Levis, Lee, GAP. Yours may not be one of the aforementioned brands, but I’d hedge all my bets …

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Simplifying Your ERP Educational Success

Reading Time: 3 minutes I have often stated that if someone says “I know everything there is to know about our ERP system” they’re …

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SYSPRO’s Learning Management System

Reading Time: 2 minutes You know how sometimes you’re driving along a stretch of a familiar road as a passenger and you notice things, …

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Mobile ERP Gets Smarter

Reading Time: 2 minutes A few years ago, if one said the word “drone” most of us would picture a male bee buzzing about, …

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Using IT to be Forever Educated

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last week a colleague came to my desk for assistance with a video editing tool. While showing him how to …

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Find the Educational Fit

Reading Time: 3 minutes TOMS is a company that sells apparel. What they do differently, however, is based on your purchase they give either …

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Get Connected

Reading Time: 3 minutes You know how you have lived all your life never having heard a word or phrase and then one day …

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